Creating Art with Alcohol Ink: Complete Guide

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Signed by Author (Laurie Trumpet Williams)

Unlock the vibrant world of alcohol ink art with “Creating Art with Alcohol Ink: Complete Guide to Painting with Alcohol Ink”.  This comprehensive guide is designed to inspire and instruct both novices and seasoned creators.
This isn’t just a guide but a “go-to” resource for almost everything alcohol ink related.

Dive into 20 captivating projects that showcase the versatility and brilliance of alcohol inks. Each project is meticulously detailed with step-by-step instructions, allowing you to master techniques and create stunning pieces of art. From mesmerizing abstract designs to intricate floral patterns, this book covers a wide range of styles to spark your creativity.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Clear, easy-to-follow instructions for each project
  • Beautiful, full-color photographs to guide your progress
  • Tips and tricks for mastering alcohol ink techniques
  • Advice on selecting materials and tools to enhance your creations

Whether you’re new to the medium or looking to expand your artistic repertoire, “Creating Art with Alcohol Ink” is your ultimate companion. Elevate your art with the vibrant, fluid beauty of alcohol ink and bring your creative visions to life.

Get your copy today and start your artistic journey!

About the Author

Laurie Williams is the founder of the Alcohol Ink Art Community. When she’s not in the studio creating art, she is helping businesses across the US succeed in online marketing. Her painting journey began 20 years ago when she first discovered alcohol inks. The Alcohol Ink Art Community is an online portal for everything alcohol ink, contributing to a by teaching, encouraging creativity, and helping artists, of all levels, build and grow their art business.

Sheryl Williams’ classes are the building blocks of techniques and tools that develop the necessary skills to express the art within. Nothing means more to her than her students finding their artistic voice. Born in Los Angeles, California, but now residing in Delta, Colorado, she began painting in 2011 through an art journaling class. She taught herself watercolor and developed a distinct, detailed style by painting with an almost dry brush. She began working with alcohol ink in 2013 and realized there was no limit to what you can do. She has been teaching online since 2015 and has hundreds of students worldwide.