David Gallagher Art

Original Artwork and Prints by Artist, David Gallagher

david-gallagher-1360092263-logo1David Gallagher has been creating fine art as long as he can remember. Born and raised in southern Mississippi, David has been inspired by local landscapes, architecture, wildlife and people, creating a common string of subject matter for his art.Much of David’s original artwork is available signed by special request. Feel free to inquire about any piece you see posted on the website. Prints of David’s artwork are available for sale  on this website in limited sizes.

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All proceeds from the sales of these prints and originals, will go to help raise money to support David’s son, Cody Gallagher, who just had his 3rd major open heart surgery and needs financial support for medical appointments, transportation and other releated needs.  Learn more about Cody’s situation or donate here.