Learn Alcohol Ink Painting Techniques

In February 2017, I founded the Alcohol Ink Art Community, which is a website and comprehensive resource for all things alcohol ink related!  The online community provides a forum for folks to learn, create, share and promote alcohol ink art and art created using alcohol ink.

The website includes a blog with some really nice and informative resources, but also has a “members only” area where a team of twelve alcohol ink instructors provided training and guidance on techniques and tips for painting with alcohol ink!

The “members only” section includes:

  • Alcohol Ink Basics
  • Alcohol Ink Painting Techniques
  • Alcohol Ink Painting Lessons
  • Alcohol Ink Resources
  • Alcohol Ink Projects
  • Alcohol Ink Art Contests
  • Alcohol Ink Art Challenges
  • Alcohol Ink Member Gallery
  • Community Forums

Additionally, the community had a Facebook group (open to the public) called Alcohol Ink Art Community.


Start Learning Now!

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