“Mad Energy” Original 20″ x 20″ Abstract Art


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Original Artwork. One of a kind, mixed media abstract art.  This piece promotes a colorful vibe.

It was inspired while watching the series Mad Men and incorporates modern advertising as a base component of the overall composition.   In the world of advertising and media there is a vibe and an energy behind the scenes.  So much brainstorming, creative collaboration and pitfalls go into a final media ad.  Yet, those who create it are barely even recognized… just like the ads used as components of this piece.  They exist, lurking in the background, yet the surface is  covered with  flashy color and varied topography, designed to distract and gloss over the intended message.

I thoroughly enjoyed every second of creating this piece.  The process was organic and intuitive, which is therapeutic and rewarding.

“Mad Energy”  was created on  a 20″ x 20″ plywood cutout.   It has a very slight bow that ads to its energetic character.   It’s a multi-media piece that includes a mix of acrylic, alcohol ink, watercolor, oil crayon, as well as molding mediums to generate depth and texture.
Additionally, the artwork has bee sealed with a clear coat for protection and added vibrance.