Dauphin Island Lighthouse Painting Fine Art Print



“Dauphin Island Lighthouse” fine art print by Laurie “Trumpet” Williams. Printed with archival ink on acid-free lustre fine art print paper.  This painting was inspired by my love for researching and painting lighthouses. I have fond memories as a young girl visiting Dauphin Island.

The vibrancy of the alcohol ink is the icing on the cake for this painting.

NOTE: 11″ x 14″ Framed Print – Actual Framed Size is 16″ x 20″

A little about the Dauphin Island Lighthouse:

The Dauphin Island Lighthouse is a historic lighthouse located on the eastern tip of Dauphin Island, Alabama, USA. The lighthouse was first built in 1848 to guide ships through the shallow waters of Mobile Bay and to warn them of the treacherous sandbars that lay ahead. During the Civil War, the lighthouse was damaged and the lens was removed by Confederate soldiers to prevent Union forces from using it as a navigation aid. After the war, the lighthouse was rebuilt and the lens was replaced. Over the years, the Dauphin Island Lighthouse underwent several upgrades and renovations, including the installation of a modern rotating beacon in 1963. In 1973, the lighthouse was decommissioned and replaced by a newer, more efficient automated light on a nearby tower. Today, the Dauphin Island Lighthouse is a popular tourist attraction and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Special sizes and custom framing are available upon request. Contact TrumpetArt to inquire.

NOTE: Print does NOT include the Laurie Trumpet Art watermark seen in this image!
The original artwork was alcohol ink, size 8 1/2″ x 11″.