A year ago a new manufacturer of synthetic paper emerged with a solution for Alcohol Ink art.   Alcohol ink art requires a non-porous surface, which you either have to purchase synthetic papers or   In the past, I’ve used YUPO paper (which I still love), but this new substrate by NARA Synthetic paper offers another solution and opportunity!   I’ve started using the paper and love it!

Why do I like NARA Paper?

  1.  It’s non-porous
  2.  It allows me to lift the ink to the white surface, with no staining
  3. It comes in a variety of sizes and shapes and the company offers custom sizes if needed.


So I’ve begun a series of YouTube videos demonstrating this new surface.   I’ve grouped them below for those of you who want to see them.   Currently, I have them on the Alcohol Ink Art Community channel  in case you would like to subscribe!  For your convenience, I’ve embedded them below!


Lighthouse Painting on NARA Paper


Alcohol Ink Bookmarks on NARA Paper

Alcohol Ink Abstract  – #1

Alcohol Ink Abstract  – #2

Alcohol Ink Abstract  – #3